vor ort
138 x 155 mm
Project on the perception of room and space in Mainz and Venice. For both cities we created artistic interventions dealing with the spot’s natural process. For Mainz we chose a spacious but dead area under a bridge behind the train station, a sleeping opportunity of some homeless men, covered in waste. We served two dinners: One for a blind date, the most cliché possible, which surprisingly well interacted with a group of homeless persons we didn’t know before. The second one for the two occupants of the place who frequently use the mattress on the far end. In Venice we wanted to create dead spaces inside the city, turning around our previous concept. Following a rather abstract approach, we examined the role of tourism in relation to the transformation of places and the coulisse-like ambiance of the city.In order to visualise these questions we installed red and white barrier tape and a construction lamp. The interventions were documented on two large scale posters, pictures are located on a silk screen printed map of the particular city.