read & reload
Typography is an art not respected by everyone. When studying graphic design, you might have a talent for either drawing, photographing, plasticizing or for all of them. Very few assess the value and the power of typography, though. Prof Ulysses Voelker wrote and designed the book called »Read&Play – Einführung in die Typographie«. It deals not only with technical aspects and rules of setting type, but also with its power and influence quoting many examples from past and present. The used citations of all relevant books on typography make it unique. After the first issue has been out for some years, »Hermann Schmidt publishers« decided to publish the second issue. Yannick Wolff and I formed a group to make a suggestion: In order to point the characteristics of typography, especially micro-typography, we tried to handle the latter as a serious topic-without forgetting its playfulness. Therefore, we basically concentrated on the legibility of its contents that has highly been criticized in the first edition.